Exciting music line-up announced

We’re excited to announce the musical line-up for this year’s Llangollen Food Festival! While our primary focus is, of course, the delicious food, we’ve also lined up some sweet melodies to accompany your culinary journey around Llangollen.

Local Harmonies: Enjoy the lovely sounds of local talent, who will serenade you with acoustic melodies throughout the festival. They’re here to set the perfect background for your foodie escapades.

Eclectic Mix: We’ve got a mix of genres to tickle your musical taste buds. From classic rock to indie hits, our line-up is diverse, promising something for everyone to enjoy.

Unplugged Delights: Get up close and personal with some acoustic acts that will provide a stripped-down, intimate musical experience. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your food festival journey.

At the Llangollen Food Festival, we believe that great food should be enjoyed with great music, and this year’s line-up is designed to keep your toes tapping as you explore the culinary wonders on offer.

Make sure to save the date for October 14th and 15th, and join us for a weekend of scrumptious flavours and brilliant tunes—where food meets music, and the result is pure enjoyment.