Happy Hedgehog

Vinegars, hot sauces, preserves and pickles

Award winning fruit flavoured apple cider vinegars, hot sauces, preserves and pickles

In 2018, Happy Hedgehog Foods was borne via a rather old, but quite sizeable jam pan. From this cauldron of magic, unthinkable jams and preserves were concocted. More kitchen alchemy led to the creation of our unique brand of fruit-flavoured apple cider vinegar that is bursting with sweetness and flavour. All products made at Happy Hedgehog Foods have their own personal story and fascinating histories.

You can find Apra running the Happy Hedgehog Café on a weekday, however, her spare time is reserved for devising and perfecting new delicious recipes.

All our fruit-flavoured apple cider vinegar are steeped for a period of no less than six months, with the exception of our Balsamics which can take between 18- 24 months to create each batch. We are so proud of the fact that there is no adding, cooking or mixing, our vinegars are created without any form adulturation, plenty of patience and an awful lot of TLC.

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