Miss Marple Makes

Handmade colourful fun ceramic decorations and jewellery

All my designs are handmade and hand painted with vibrant underglaze.Each piece is unique and I enjoy the freedom of creating and painting my own designs without the pressures of mass production. In this way my ideas are always evolving and it doesn’t get boring or repetitive 🥰yay. My intention with each piece is to make you smile ❤️and hopefully give you something you can cherish.

I make pendant necklaces,badges,earrings,charm brooches,figures, and decorations.I am inspired by my Scandinavian roots and a love of 50s-60s illustration ,especially animals.I also collect vintage type sets and often use them to print into the porcelain.We have now moved onto the Isle of Anglesey and are setting roots down here in Paradise.

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