Shropshire Macarons

Handmade artisan patisserie

Made quite humbly of egg whites, almonds and icing sugar, these sweet sandwiches are deceptively addictive, offering crisp nutty shells, with soft sweet fillings of either ganache, buttercream, curds or jams.

With the macaron fillings carrying all the flavour, we don’t do half measures and we only use the best quality ingredients. For example, all the chocolate used throughout our flavours is ethically sourced, single origin chocolate, made by the best British chocolatiers. Check the Flavour Schedule to find out which chocolate macarons we currently have available.


Shropshire born and bred, macarons were not something I grew up with.  They were always a sought after delicacy we could never find. Whenever I travelled to bigger cities, finding macarons was always on my agenda.

On New Year’s Eve 2018 (somewhat inebriated), I ordered a book on how to make macarons and vowed to perfect the fabled Parisian treats.  After inhaling kilos of icing sugar, suffering hundreds of cracked shells and countless baking tray burns, I was struck with inspiration: ‘Shropshire needs more macarons’.

Evenings were spent prepping, planning and pondering for the next year or so.

In August 2020 I decided it was time to go for it and started to bring Parisian patisserie to the Shropshire Hills. Now, with the launch of my website, I’d love for my macarons to be enjoyed across the country.

With a rotating flavour schedule, each experience with The Shropshire Macaron Co. is unique. Keeping it seasonal and fresh, pre order your preferred macaron flavours for delivery on their flavour week.

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